Boxy Water Innovation


Environmental concerns

Environmental risks dominate global concerns for the next decade, despite inadequate preparation. Escalating temperatures and increased extreme weather events due to climate change lead to substantial harm to infrastructure and ecosystems, particularly affecting the most vulnerable. To alleviate climate impact on lives and livelihoods, emissions tied to human activity must be reduced.

Developmental impact

Social and economic development are closely connected to environmental sustainability. Failures in the environmental aspect can severely impact overall sustainable development. The triple bottom line framework urges businesses to enhance value by considering ESG factors in their long-term strategies.

So what does this mean?

The path to a climate-resilient economy requires a contribution from all of us. As South Africa’s triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality is exacerbated by environmental failures, there is a significant role for business to play in finding practical solutions for climate change mitigation and adaption to the benefit of society.


The main ingredient of plastic is non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil or gas. Given that the average 500ml gable top carton contains 70% less plastic than the average equivalent PET bottle, we had to ask ourselves: If we can box other healthy beverages like milk and fruit juice, without compromising on quality and flavour, why not water?

Our product offers a sustainable alternative that is good for you and better for the environment. The primary raw material of our cartons is paperboard, which not only provides form and strength, but is also renewable and recyclable – providing positive environmental attributes.

When it comes to sustainability, it’s the small choices that we make every day that have a significant impact in the long run. We exist to encourage responsible practices and support environmental consciousness.

OUR VISION is to champion a sustainable future for all by changing the way water is packaged, delivered, and enjoyed.

We are excited about the idea of a cleaner, less polluted planet, and OUR MISSION is to partner with South African businesses and households to reduce the adverse environmental impact of their water consumption.