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Why Boxy Water?


Plastic, in all its forms is a major pollutant. While the material is recyclable, more than half of plastic waste is not recovered, most of it ending up in water bodies and landmasses.

Single use plastic, in particular, has a big impact on the ecosystem. In order to reduce our waste footprint, and ultimately our carbon footprint,  we need to eliminate single use plastic. And the biggest offender is plastic water bottles.

Packaged water is a growing market and is commonly bottled in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. Globally, a million units of these single-use bottles are sold every minute, contributing to significant environmental damage which earns bottled water a dicey reputation amongst environmentalists.

There is therefore a growing urgency to reduce plastic waste.

Organisations should make a switch from bottled water – this is a practical solution to improve business performance within the broader framework that the triple-bottom line calls for.


Our water is sustainably sourced, and packaged to ensure minimum energy use. The whole process is executed with care and respect for the environment.


Collaboration is crucial to safeguarding our planet for the future. Businesses are vital allies for the government in realizing NDP objectives and enabling a fair shift.


Champion the environmental agenda within your stakeholder community. A sustainable future for all needs you, as an organisation, to reduce your carbon footprint.